Who are NearlySisters?

Sisters in law Nicola & Suzanne and known to many as Nic & Sue. Both restricted from working during the first lockdown we decided to embrace an idea we had been toying with and NearlySisters online gifting company was born, Covid born!


Over the last number of years a new type of shopper has emerged in Ireland. As a nation we’ve  become more thoughtful when it comes to spending our hard earned cash. We want to shop local, eat local, spend local and enjoy local. That’s where we come in. Everyone’s busy, we all like nice things and getting to the shops these days has become a bit of a hassle.


So what happens when you want to buy your friend a nice gift? Send granny an “I’m thinking of you” pressie?, a best friends “new arrival gift”, when you want to gift yourself an “I have had a bad day” pressie….That’s where NearlySisters come in, for real this time!


When you buy a NearlySisters Gift Bundle as well as our own branded products you can choose from the likes of John Ryan ceramics, Green Angel skincare and Newbridge Silverware to name but a few. And the best part is everything is wrapped in eco friendly packaging by the tender loving hands of Nic and Sue and possibly other family members!