Bean and Goose Milk Chocolate Bars 70g

Bean and Goose Milk Chocolate Bars 70g


3 Flavours - Please choose your preferred


Pure Natural, Single Origin Milk Ecudor 40%, No Lecithin 


Sweet & Spicy Hazelnuts

A perfect mix  - sweet honey, chili heat, smooth hazelnuts & milky chocolate

Toasted nibbed hazelnuts with warming spices and sweet 100% Irish honey from Tara Hill Honey. Tara Hill Honey is located on a hill in Wexford. A generous handful of this mixture tops each milk chocolate bar.


Salty Almonds

Karen and Natalie create a saline solution with Oriel sea salt and soak almonds in it. Soaking the nuts not only helps with digestion but it enhances the flavor tremendously.

Oriel sea salt is the only nonoxidised mineral sea salt on the planet. A powerful tasting sea salt that has a uniquely smooth taste profile.

When the nuts are soaked, they are then gently roasted in a low oven with a light sprinkle of Irish Atlantic Sea Salt. This makes them slightly crispy, have a nice texture, and taste amazing.


Smoky Sea Salt

Oriel smoked sea salt is used. Oriel take their kiln dried mineral sea salt and 90 year old Nicauraguan oak kegs freshly emptied from handcrafted Teeling Irish whiskey to create this incredible powerhouse of flavour.

To make this bar as smoky as possible they smoke our salt for a longer time.