Niks Tea Irish Brew - Various Flavours

Niks Tea Irish Brew - Various Flavours

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Traditional Irish Tea Bags

Quintessentially Irish. A taste of granny’s parlour, the farmer’s kitchen, the picnic flask.

15 tea bags.


Jasmine Green Tea (Loose Leaf)

Ingredients: green tea China “Jasmine”

A green tea with a gentle aromatic jasmine taste and yellow golden infusion.

Jasmine helps protect heart health, relieves stress, prevents gastrointestinal disorders, helps reduce pain (joint pain and arthrisis) and can provide defense against bacterial infections.


Earl Grey Special Tea

Gold Award Winning Earl Grey Special!

Earl Grey with cornflowers specially blended for earl grey lovers this truly is a treat. 15 tea bags.

Ingredients:96% black tea ceylon, 2.5% flavouring, 1.5% cornflower blossoms.